10 Things I Would Tell My 25 Year Old Self


1. Stop Buying Dumb Stuff
Most people have nothing to show for the last $1,000 they spent. It's a giant waste of an important resource. If you are going to buy something dumb, make it sparingly and inexpensive.

2. Life Isn't Fair
Stop trying to make it fair. Go make life unfair to your advantages instead. We are all dealt a different hand. It's what we do with it that actually matters.

3. Go to the Gym and Never Stop
The physical benefits are nice, but the mental benefits are the most impactful. Exercise is an effective form of therapy. It is as necessary as brushing your teeth.

4. Your Employer Doesn't Care About You
They will pay you just enough to keep you around and not a penny more. Be selfish when it comes to how you make your living.

5. An Hourly Wage is EXTREMELY Inefficient
I have no hate for 9-5 workers, but this is just reality.
Build something—anything that can earn while you sleep.
It's not as hard as you think it is.

6. Alcohol Has No Benefit, Whatsoever
It makes you less productive, increases cortisol, and gives you a false sense of security. Most people drink it because they are running from something, they just don't want to admit it.

7. Cheer For Yourself More Than Your Sports Team
Just about everyone does the opposite and then wonders why they're so unfulfilled. Chase your dreams, don't just watch other people do it.

8. Invest Early and Invest Often
Compound interest is the most powerful concept on this entire planet. Buy things that grow or pay you to own them consistently, as soon as possible. Do it early enough and work becomes optional REAL quick.

9. Practice Positivity, Every Day
Complaining is a weak cop-out that only annoys other people. When you want to complain, ask yourself: "Will this matter tomorrow?" 99% of the time, it won't.

10. Not Taking Risk, Is The Greatest Risk
Never taking a risk is a surefire way to have regret as you age. Place small life bets that have way more upside, than downside.

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