Why Best Sneaker Proxies Sell In Bulk

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding best sneaker proxies is why they are sold in such large packages, ranging from 50 proxies per package up to a whole range of IPs. The only answer we can think of is adaptability. Adaptability to current sneaker proxies market and adaptability to technical barriers imposed by sneaker selling websites.


No matter your interest in sneaker proxies, if you are looking to increase your chances of coping one extra pair of limited edition shoes for yourself. Or, if you want to cope sneakers as a business, you will need to buy a lot of private proxies.
Therefore, it is important that you understand why the best sneaker proxies are always sold in bulk.


Some may argue that dedicated proxies for sneaker bots are a marketing trick and there is no such thing as a sneaker proxy. The hard truth is that they are right.
As we know, private proxies are either SOCKS or HTTP proxies. And based on their use, either public, shared or private (dedicated). But because of tech and market advancement, some proxies, based on their history, are more valuable than others.
Usually, a proxy’s value is offered by its previous history ‘purity’. Meaning, their previous use never triggered any alarm, suspicion, or worst, a ban.
Therefore, some providers, started differentiating their proxies based on their history. So they started selling virgin proxies for certain services. Thus, virgin sneaker proxies where created.
For some, this is a pure marketing play. But, at a closer look, you will understand that by separating and offering a targeted service, proxy providers started offering value to their customers. Because of their targeted services, customers and users started receiving and renting more working proxies for their needs.
If previously, a provider selling private proxies could allocated randomly a certain number of IPs, you, as a customer, faced the risk of receiving banned proxies. And in worst case scenario, you could had blocked your accounts due to flagged IPs.
And now, thanks to this differentiation, you – the customer – have higher chances of buying working proxies for your needs. Thus, the ‘marketing trick’ provides value by simply allowing the provider to allocate proxies based on their history.
And in order to sell their best proxies for sneaker bots and shoe coping online, proxy providers had to adapt as well to current technical conditions.


Even if you use the best sneaker proxies available online, you are still facing risks. Because, it is well known the fact that sneaker websites are very restrictive. Even more restrictive than social media platforms.
Upon detecting suspicious behavior originating from a random IP, sneaker websites will ban a whole range of IPs. They do not ban a single IP. They ban them all.
This is the single issue that anybody, trying to cop limited edition sneakers through sneaker bots, face every time they set a new coping session.
As a result, it is useless for providers to sell single sneaker proxies, or even small packages of five or ten sneaker proxies. Hence, their offering of bulk packages.


Thanks to the restrictiveness of sneaker websites, you might think that providers offering proxies for sneaker bots found an excuse to sell large packages.
It might be true, but the opposite is true as well. Best proxy providers are forced to sell sneaker proxy packages of a big number of IPs in order to protect your working proxies and your investment.
Certain providers sell packages of five or ten IPs and advertise them as sneaker proxies. However, if they split the IP range between several customers, risks start to arise.
The first risk is that another user might abuse his proxies and shoe selling websites might ban his IPs. And because of their banning policies, they will ban the whole IP range. And banning your IPs in the meantime.
So, even if you have never abused them, always paid attention to your bots behavior, you could still end with blocked IPs and unable to cop your favorite limited edition items.
Therefore, as mentioned above, in order to protect their proxies purity. And at the same time, offering you the best sneaker proxies. So, some proxy providers started selling bulk packages of whole ranges of IPs.
For a marketer, specialized in coping sneakers, at first it will look as he is spending a fortune of proxies. But, in the long run, by always being able to connect and cop, he will gain more.
The best sneaker proxies for sneaker bots are sold by a handful of providers. And they are sold in bulk packages.


Even after purchasing a large package of proxies, your operation still needs to adapt in order to survive.
Buying sneaker proxies for sneaker bots in not enough. You have to set you bots in order to protect your connectivity going forward.
The best way to stay safe, and fly under the radar, is by setting your bots by limiting their number of requests per second. And at the same time, setting them to replicate human behavior.


Best sneaker proxies are not a marketing trick, as believed by many. Sneaker proxies are offered as such because sneaker selling websites are very restrictive. And providers, in order to protect their IPs and to offer you a working service that will enable you to cop shoes online, started selling proxies for sneakers as large packages of IPs.

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